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What it Takes to Be a Top Field Technician

For anyone who has ever loved the independence of being your own boss but the security of a regular paycheck, field technician work is the perfect fit. It helps if you love to work with your hands, solve problems on your own and be out of the office the majority of the time. Because you aren’t going to see the inside of that home office all that much if you are a field tech. Your car’s front passenger seat is your office, and most days it will probably look like it too!

While the downside in some cities is that you are constantly having to deal with the traffic (Los Angeles comes to mind on this one) you also get to cruise along in your car, listening to your favorite radio station during non-rush hour times.

If you work outside of Los Angeles where the rush hour traffic seems to start at noon and end at 9PM, this can be a pretty good portion of your work day. Not bad for a position that usually only takes two years of community college for qualification. But there is more to it than simply arriving with your tool belt in hand.

Hone Those People Skills

While you may not need to glad hand the customer the way the salespeople do, you do need good people skills to work as a field tech. Since most companies of any size use state of the art technology to schedule their field techs, something along the lines of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Field Service software will usually do the trick, you will always be expected.

Of course, since you always tend to show up at an office when they are in the midst of a tech crises you probably aren’t meeting people at their best. They can be cranky and demanding. But if you do your job well and you have a set of regular clients, they can become friends. After all, you are the person who is solving their problem, not causing it.

Stay on Top of Changes

One thing you can always count on when it comes to any kind of electronics is that there will be updates, software patches to fix problems and new versions to install. Most techs who work in the field set aside a bit of time every week to read up on the latest version and new technology in their field of work. That way when changes do come, you won’t be surprised.

If you are the kind who loves to tinker, you may find yourself spending your free time at home trying out some new techniques for solving a problem from work. The best field techs always collaborate with other techs on the really thorny problems. After all, that is why they all have cell phones with each others phone number at the top of their list. If you are the kind who loves a challenge and gets a kick out of unlocking the key to a problem, then this is really a field of work you will enjoy.