6 Qualities That Make a Good Accountant

Accounting is a crucial function in any organisation. It checks and measures financial status and provides valuable data for making business decisions. The field demands organisational skills and accuracy. Defining the skills of an accountant helps you hire the right person for the job. To succeed, a good accountant does not just possess the soft skills and qualifications but also the right characteristics.  Make sure the person to handle your accounting has the following traits.

  1. Excellent Organisational Skills

Successful accountants are not just passionate about the financial objectives of the business. They know how to funnel those into productive business plans. They make sure records are free of errors and up-to-date. Since they need to deal with tons of work, data and numbers, they should be highly organised to remain on top of every detail. Time management is also a key trait to ensure they meet deadlines and manage projects.

  1. Highly Accurate

There’s no place for error in accounting; in any business, accountants need to be very accurate in their work. A misplaced comma or digit can affect data and result in financial risks. Focus on details is a must, as well as the skill of double-checking.

  1. Integrity

Accountants deal directly with finances, and the nature of the work requires a high degree of ethics. Users of financial statements rely heavily on them to use the information in making informed decisions about investment. The statements they study should not just be correct, but also true and fair. Naturally, accountants must know right from wrong and display integrity at all times.

  1. Knowledgeable in the Field

Accountants should be flexible and understand various business models to determine the methods that suit a business. Aside from the basic tasks, other functions might be necessary for some fields. An accountant must have knowledge of the niche and industry of the business. Additionally, they should not stop learning. They should be up-to-date with changes in tax laws and other accounting principles. Technological advancements also evolve rapidly, and being able to spot new key changes can be a major advantage.

  1. Team Player

An accountant must know how to work with a team. They must be comfortable coordinating tasks with other employees. It is typical for accountants to work in teams and meet face to face with clients. As a team player, they must be sensitive to others’ needs, generous of what they know and supportive of the team.

  1. Accountable

Accountants must be accountable for their work. They should not finger-point because they know that whatever the outcome of the work is, it does not stop there. Honest mistakes due to human error are always possible. Keeping accurate reports and detailed accounts can help spot inaccuracies if there are any.

It’s not difficult to find accountants Central London offers. The real challenge could be finding the right person for the job. Businesses should be careful in choosing an accountant to work for them. The right person should possess the right characteristics for them to be effective and successful.

Image via Sira Anamwong